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What Games am i able to Play with My Puppy?

Games area unit fun. however they’re quite that: they teach your puppy special skills.


Fetch could be a favorite game which will teach your puppy to come back once referred to as, and to retrieve the newspaper or your slippers. Get your puppy to come back, sit, so throw a toy. Encourage him to travel compass. you’ll even begin praiseful him and obtain him energized once he’s distant from you—dance, shout, decision his name—so he’ll wish to run back! once he brings it back to you, tell him to drop it, and praise him once he will. (Click here to find out a way to teach puppy to fetch.)

Find the Toy

Find the toy games that teach your puppy to suppose his sense of smell, and to use his brain. they’ll conjointly prepare him for trailing. return up with a reputation for every toy. To start, devour his favorite toy, say the name of the toy, like “squeaky toy,” and provides him the toy if he appearance at you after you say it. select a command, like “find,” to use just for this game and for after you wish him to search out things later. Show your puppy the toy and conceal it partly beneath a towel. Then say, “Find your high-pitched toy,” and if he finds it, praise him. If he doesn’t, repeat the command. Keep step by step activity the toy additional and additional till he’s able to recover it utterly from wherever he can’t see it, and praise him on every occasion. Eventually you’ll be able to tell him to search out something you’ve named and he’ll be a professional tracker!


Tug-of-War could be a favorite game and may truly be a good tool to assist you train your puppy to drop a toy on command. Hold on to your puppy’s favorite toy and provide it to him till he grabs. Tug back and forth with him. you’ll play like you’re actuation tougher than you actually area unit (he’s a puppy, after all), associate degreed let him have it each once in an exceedingly while! Praise him once he “wins” however certify he has contend by the rules! though it’s an accident, your puppy shouldn’t grab or bite onto something that isn’t the toy. If he does, that ought to be your cue to finish the sport. offer your puppy kibbles of food if he drops the toy after you say “drop it” throughout the sport. Eventually, he’ll learn to drop the toy on command while not expecting a treat.

Agility Games

gility games—a fancy name for games that get your puppy moving and thinking—burn off calories and energy and that they increase your puppy’s coordination and confidence. Puppies love the challenge of jumping, negotiating obstacles and obtaining the praise you offer once they act. produce associate degree obstacle course in your front room with blankets and chairs. Use treats or kibble to lure your puppy and follow aboard as he follows the course, satisfying him once he conquers the obstacles and cheering as he will well. If you’re feeling formidable, you’ll produce a course outside within the yard or at the park with cones, hula-hoops and alternative objects, and invite alternative puppies to hitch.

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