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This 12 Traits, Can Ruin Even The Best Relationships !

Number 11 being jealous and controlling

Having a healthy relationship is far away from this. Indeed, you chose each other for a reason didn’t you ? Loving means caring for and respecting your partner and that respect should translate to your partner’s private life too if you can’t let her/him go out with friends without suspecting she/he’s cheating on you or something then the problem is deeply in you.

Constantly checking on her/him when she/he’s away won’t let her/him relax and enjoy whatever she/he’s doing. Plus it’s totally healthy and recommended that partners have lives outside of their relationship, they should be able to visit friends and family have hobbies or just feel free to go for a solitary walk for some much-needed time.

You have trust issues because of a previous relationship or you’re just a jealous person by nature, you must learn to trust your partner it’s not her/his fault that you have these complexes and she/he’s not responsible for them mistrust can shatter even the sturdiest of relationships and you might find yourself alone one day with no one to blame but yourself. So avoiding jealousy and getting rid of trust issues, is another aspect of a healthy relationship.

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