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Games to play with the cat

Playing games together with your cat could be a fun, straightforward thanks to enrich her life, offer stimulation and strengthen the bond you share. Here square measure some games that we have a tendency to suggest:

1. Chase the “Prey”

Use a toy to simulate the movement of prey. By dragging a toy across the bottom on a string, pausing sporadically like associate degree animal would possibly, you are encouraging your cat to stalk and pounce like she would within the wild. this may increase her speed and legerity and stimulate her looking instincts. it is a smart plan to stay the toy hidden till leisure so as to stay her curious about it.

2. Catnip Fun

Stuffing catmint, a natural herb, into a toy or ball (or shopping for one that already has catmint in it) will stimulate your cat’s interest during a toy. confine mind, however, that not all cats square measure interested in catmint.

3. Run and Fetch

It’s shocking, however several cats like to play fetch – or a minimum of, chase once and catch a ball that you just throw. Ball toys simulate the fast, sudden movements of prey. place a bell within to induce your cat’s attention, and roll or toss the ball in order that she will see and chase it. Some cats respond significantly well once a ball is rolled or tossed into another space or around a corner.

4. Play together with your Food

Puzzle feeders and food distributor balls square measure toys that incorporate your cat’s food into a compartment within. By rolling or pouncing on the toy, your cat will create it unleash a couple of items of food at a time. employing a puzzle feeder stimulates your cat’s need to hunt and work for food. keep in mind to account for the food within a puzzle feeder once determinative your cat’s daily nutrition allowances.

5. choose a Walk

While it looks unorthodox to several individuals, cats may be trained to steer on a leash, and lots of of them fancy the activity. once you take your cat for a walk, she will expertise the good outdoors whereas staying safe from cars, alternative animals, and obtaining lost. it is also nice exercise for each you and your pet.

We hope these games and activities gave you some fun ideas for doing additional together with your cat.
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Games to play with the cat