13 Makeup Tips All Older Women Should Know

As a female, whatever your age, shape, skin color, religion, or even your beliefs, your instinct will remain constant which is take care of yourself. About makeup and the big difference that radically changes the look, also it remains optional from one person to another. There are two types of woman, those who are convinced of their appearance and those who are lacking self-confidence, but even so, even they both wear makeup they do it in order to satisfy themselves, not to pleasing someone else.

1-Eyeliner Is Lost?

Mascara is the solution .. as women, of course, we face the saddest and the difficult things in our lives, for example when we forget our eyeliner somewhere or even a harder situation it can dry out , and you really need to put your eyeliner on, don’t worry honey I have for you some tips to solve your problem

you can replace your lost eyeliner with your mascara and line your eye like you do with eyeliner, Essentially apply the mascara super-near the lash line, but if you have a bruch use it better.

Source : Pexels

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